OXO Tech is an insight-based innovation company located in Athens. We provide our clients with tailored-fit products and highly experienced consultants in Financial, Technology and Digital Marketing sectors.

"We believe in making the experience meaningful to our clients."

Finance and Technology are two complementariness, as OXO Tech we embrace both of them to lead long-term relationship and successful business process with our clients. OXO Tech's Finance experts analyse our customers corporation's statistics and data, create ad-hoc reports, our Software Team develops bespoke products for making their business smarter. Our dynamic Digital Marketing crew builds strategies to improve their brand’s awareness, reputation and profit.

Data Analysis

At OXOTech the creation of every product begins with Data. By getting substantial information we are able to create the best product for your needs.

Financial Solutions

Every company is unique and therefore requires gateways tailored to the needs. We at OXOTech understand this to the fullest and that is why we offer our Payment Services and Products tailored to the needs of every client.

Digital Marketing

The new era of Marketing is completely Digital. We help our clients with the transition to the completely digital era of Marketing. Our experts use specialized monitoring tools, creative e-mail marketing products and help out with planning and media buying.


One of the most important and valued processes in OXOTech is product development. With our custom-made products and digital marketing tools (such as CMS, Monitoring and E-mail marketing) our clients thrive and grow daily on the Financial Technology market.


With the growth of our and our clients’ needs we detected the necessity for developing our own blockchain. By using the blockchain we have a resistant to modification system that can record data of transaction among different parties. Our clients appreciate this as they can have clear resistant to modification way of tracking their transactions.

Drone Technologies

Oxo Technology Drone Solutions equips operators with cutting-edge technology as well as innovative workflows, making farming more efficient than ever. Thanks to the drone software we have specially developed, we provide our customers with more effective and affordable agricultural practices.



FINTECH ATM’s are physical centres where you can buy Bitcoins-Ethereum or other altcoins with fiat money and with some machines, sell Bitcoins-Ethereum or other altcoins too. Bitcoin ATMs are meant to offer access to Bitcoins to those who are not a part of the banking system.
OXOtech Special edition Ledger wallet

What is Oxotech Special Edition Ledger Nano X?

The hardware that allows you to securely hold your crypto assets (Bitcoin - Ethereum - XRP - Litecoin - Digibyte -Stellar (XLM) etc.) is offline wallet.

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