Ledger Nano X By Oxotech


    The original hardware wallet. Easily start your crypto journey: buy crypto, secure your assets and manage them in one single-app.

  • What is Ledger Wallet By Oxotech?

    The hardware that allows you to securely hold your crypto assets (Bitcoin - Ethereum - XRP - Litecoin - Digibyte -Stellar (XLM) etc.) is offline wallet.


Ledger Nano X By Oxotech offers the most advanced security technology in hardware wallet. Your private keys are always in the secure chip inside the device and cannot be reached even when you are online. Its certified safe element is tuned in CC EAL5.

Multiple Crypto Assest

Ledger Nano X can store up to 100 apps simultaneously, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, Stellar, Eos and more. You can manage all your assets on the same device at the same time.

Mobile Use

Ledger Nano X has Bluetooth feature. You can connect to the Ledger Live Mobile application you will install on your phone with the end-to-end encrypted Bluetooth feature to protect your device against security threats and you can do your transactions safely.

Modern & Flexible

List your top App features and details with elegance and style.


When installing the device in Ledger Nano X By Oxotech, it is sufficient to safely keep the 24-word recovery phrase given to you. Your cryptocurrencies are always safe in case your device is lost, stolen, and you can reach your assets with these 24-word recovery phrases.

Ease of Use

Ledger Nano X By Oxotech is very easy to use. : Thanks to the 2 buttons, 1 screen, you can easily perform your operations on your Ledger Live PC & Mobile applications from your smartphone or computer.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (mm) - 72 x 18.6 x 11.75 Weight (g) – 34 Battery - 100mAh Chip Type - ST33J2M0 (safe) + STM32WB5 Connection - USB Type-C + Bluetooth

Ledger Nano X By Oxotech Box Contents

1 USB C cable Key fob for the device 3 pieces of recovery paper Ledger By Oxotech Adhesives

Manage crypto from the security of your hardware wallet

Ledger Live is backed up by the most trusted hardware wallet on the market. Ledger hardware wallets provide the best security & full ownership of your crypto assets.

Send and Receive

Safely send and receive 25 coins & over 1250 ERC-20 tokens directly with your smartphone or desktop using Ledger Live.

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